We look like squids!

We are infact, flowers!

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When I was born I was put in an incubator for four days; this made me awesome.
What also makes me awesome is my inability to combat being akward, clumsy, and perfectly caring.
I didn't speak for a week once and I have been known to keep my eyes closed for a couple days at a time if I wish. But do not worry, I am still pretty nice and maintain an average setting. I may be thinking about jello dinosaurs fighting and imagining what your coffee table would look like it if was drawn in a single line.

I think about animals more often then not.

The worry of my current self also hides away in my mind.
My brain is like this:
35% Animals
10% Food
5% Cake - specifically, cake
10% Sex and Love
20% Weird stuff and comic books - jello dinos, inappropriate and perverted jokes, funny shit to do when no one else is around. Daredevil, Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Alex Ross, odd comics, Genvieve Castree, Craig Thompson, and Batman.
15% Worry of my current self
.5% Internets
.5% Games - I only need to think about games this much, I must hold back to be very honest.
4% Music - Thinking about music too much produces SONGS in my head 24/7 so I must shy away constantly.

Social capital

  • less than 10